Cheap & affordable safe driver service so you can get home in your own car with peace of mind.
                    Book A Driver
                    Are you looking for a driver to drive you and your car back home after a party or an event? Call or WhatsApp us and we will send a driver to take you home safely and timely.

                    First Driver is not the first company in this business but we are here to stand first in terms of quality and customer service. We have a team of professional and highly trained and experienced drivers who are acquainted with the roads and rules of Dubai.

                    BOOK YOUR SAFE DRIVER

                    Booking is simple. Give us a call or message us on WhatsApp.

                    MEET THE DRIVER

                    The driver will meet your at your booked place.

                    REACH HOME SAFELY

                    Stay relaxed as our driver will drive you to your home safely and comfortably.

                    Our SERVICES

                    Designated Drivers

                    Personal Drivers

                    Party Drivers

                    Dubai to Dubai. Prices starting at AED 60 only!

                    Why Should You Use First Driver?

                    IS IT WORTH IT?

                    If you are convicted of a driving under influence in Dubai chances are you could land in jail and be slapped a 20k fine.

                    BE RESPONSIBLE & SAFE

                    Drunk driving results into loss of lives of not just yourself but also of fellow riders on the road who you might hit unto.

                    BOOK A DRIVER & STAY WORRY FREE

                    Our service provides peace of mind and you needn’t worry of any mishaps or accidents due to drunk driving.

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